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How to select the perfect FRL unit with API Pneumatic UK

FRL units are the industry staple when it comes to effective air treatment equipment. As such, filter regulator lubricator units are often the most in-demand product in API Pneumatic’s air treatment range. In this article, API UK discusses how to select the perfect FRL unit to achieve the highest compressed air purity levels from your pneumatic system. (more…)... Read more

Achieve peak performance in pneumatic systems with our pressure regulators

In this article, API Pneumatic UK discusses how pneumatic pressure regulators can be applied in compressed air systems to achieve optimal performance levels and guarantee stability for your process. Discover why certain pressure regulator types such as our range of filter regulator lubricators (FRLs) are in a class of their own when it comes to compressed air treatment. (more…)... Read more

Why your process needs a stainless steel mini ball valve

If you are looking for a compact ball valve for confined spaces that doesn’t compromise on performance, there are few better than mini ball valves. For additional quality, stainless steel miniature ball valves, such as those available from API UK’s stainless steel valve range, are second to none when it comes to offering more for less. Here, we provide the most compelling reasons why your process can benefit from... Read more

API UK answers your FAQs about stainless steel full bore ball valves

In this article, API Pneumatic UK answers five of your most frequently asked questions about full bore ball valves. We discuss a host of common queries that consumers and buyers in the industry enquire about regularly. We'll also highlight some of our own stainless steel full bore valves and explain how they can improve your processes. (more…)... Read more

What makes magnetic reed switches the perfect cylinder accessory?

Here at API Pneumatic UK, we stock and supply a wide variety of cylinder accessories designed for a multitude of different functions. We have found that one of the most popular pneumatic cylinder accessories on the market is magnetic reed switches. As such, we have decided to honour the humble with reed switch with its own investigatory blog article. API UK discovers what makes magnetic reed switches the perfect pneu... Read more

Everything you need to know about Air Reservoirs

“Congratulations, you’ve just bought your first air reservoir!”. If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ll have quite recently heard these words. Buying an air reservoir is the easy part, however, maintaining them and knowing how to get the best out of your air reservoir is the tricky bit. Alternatively, if you’ve not purchased an air reservoir yet but, debating whether it’s the right accessory... Read more

ISO cylinder selection guide

Designed to meet industry standards set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), an ISO certified cylinder is the mark of quality. As leading cylinder manufacturers and suppliers, we pride ourselves on the quality of our own ISO cylinder range here at API Pneumatic UK. All API UK ISO pneumatic cylinders are manufactured with the kind of attention to detail that only comes through years of industry... Read more

Avoiding mistakes in choosing pneumatic cylinders

To the uninitiated, selecting the right pneumatic cylinder for your chosen application can be quite a complex process. Pneumatic cylinders are used in a variety of applications and industries, come in thousands of variations, and feature an even wider range of components. Each pneumatic cylinder type has unique specifications and can also be manufactured from a host of different materials to suit different working en... Read more

Single-acting cylinders vs double-acting cylinders

Here at API Pneumatic UK, we deal with a range of cylinder enquiries daily. The majority come from customers who know precisely what cylinder type they want and how it will complement their systems, while others are completely new to the world of pneumatics. As such, they may not know which cylinder type is best for their application requirements. If you are a first-time cylinder buyer, you might find that you fall i... Read more

The A-Z of API UK Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinders

API UK manufactures pneumatic double acting cylinders in stainless steel to supply into the most demanding industries. Produced in the highest grade AISI 316 stainless steel, these products have been developed for use in environments where high performance, durability and reliability are critical, such as pharmaceutical, food processing, marine and oil and gas. Set out below are the specifications and advantages of s... Read more

The A-Z of API UK Stainless Steel Valves

There are few options available in the UK marketplace for stainless steel valves. API UK are dedicated to offering solutions to all marketplaces including those with demanding environments, which is why we have created a range of stainless steel valves for use with our stainless steel cylinder products. Below, we look at the importance of stainless steel valves, those available to purchase from API UK, and the advant... Read more

How your company can benefit from bespoke pneumatic control panels

API UK are experts when it comes to the design and build of high-quality control panels, fit for purpose and completely cost-effective. Our bespoke control panel solutions have been the answer to the prayers of many engineering companies, and we at API UK took some time to talk through exactly what makes the pneumatic control panel design to unique and successful. Bespoke control panel solutions API UK boasts over... Read more