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How are Pneumatics Used in the Food Industry?

Food industry manufacturers are faced with more challenges than most. Perishable goods need to be processed and packaged quickly. Consumables need to be processed and handled in sanitary conditions. While processing plants need to be fully equipped to turn out products quickly and at scale. The emergence of stainless steel pneumatics in the food industry has made many of these day-to-day tasks that much easier, as AP... Read more

Safety Features of a Nuclear Reactor

Remarkably, given the volatility of radioactive materials, there have been very few major nuclear disasters since the first nuclear power plant came online in the former Soviet Union during the 1950s. However, following the handful of catastrophic incidents that occurred in the intervening decades, nuclear reactor safety systems have become increasingly sophisticated. Here, API UK reflects on some of the worst nuc... Read more

How is cement manufactured?

There’s a high chance you’ve encountered cement today, whether walking on concrete pavement or within the confines of your office or home. But how much do you know about cement? Here, API UK answers all your burning questions about the cement manufacturing process, including how cement is made and where it comes from. WHAT IS CEMENT? Cement is one of those materials that is everywhere but perhaps not fully unde... Read more

Types of woodworking machines

Humans have been working with wood to produce functional and ornamental items for centuries. Although handheld tools are still essential, a raft of electrical and pneumatic machinery has made life so much easier for the modern craftsperson. Here, API UK explores some of the most widely used types of woodworking machines and explains why machine builders would be well-advised to partner with us for all their pneumatic... Read more

What is an ISO Standard Pneumatic Cylinder?

The International Organisation for Standardisation quite literally sets the standards for manufacturing worldwide, providing benchmark standards of conformity, safety, quality and reliability. ISO standards level the playing field for industrial manufacturers. But what are ISO standards, and what do ISO cylinder standards mean? Here, API UK explains everything you need to know about ISO standards for pneumatic cylind... Read more

What are the different types of stainless steel valves?

Valves are mechanical devices that control the flow of liquids and gases through tubes and pipes. There are many different types of valves and stainless steel valves are most commonly used in oil refineries, marine projects, and breweries. If you’d like to find out more about control valve types and types of stainless steel valves, continue reading our helpful guide below. Types of stainless steel valves Whether ... Read more


At API UK, we understand the importance of controlling or restricting the air flow within a cylinder. For use with compressed air, our pneumatic flow regulators are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure optimal performance and control capabilities within your cylinder. Get your cylinder air flow under control with API UK. Keep reading to learn more about our pneumatic flow control products and ho... Read more


In harsh, challenging environments, stainless steel pneumatic cylinders offer a durable and robust solution. Whether faced with aggressive CIP/SIP washdowns in a food and beverage setting or amid the challenging environs of a marine-based application, stainless steel cylinders keep on delivering linear and rotary motion in all conditions. API Pneumatic UK is one of a handful of pneumatic cylinder suppliers to provide... Read more


Here at API Pneumatic UK, we’re proud to call ourselves one of the elite few valve suppliers that provide heavy-duty, stainless steel valves. Manufactured from the highest grade AISI 316L stainless steel, our stainless steel valves offer a hygienic, durable and corrosion-resistant solution for a wide range of industrial applications. From stainless steel solenoid valves to stainless steel ball valves, we have the p... Read more


Pneumatic cylinders, or pneumatic actuators, provide linear or rotary motion and force to automated systems, processes and machines. Compressed air is forced into the cylinder to move a piston that is attached to a mechanism, which carries out functional tasks. Pneumatic cylinders are lightweight, maintenance free and provide a cost-effective alternative to hydraulic and electric systems where lower force and speeds ... Read more

Serving American businesses with FDA compliant stainless steel

If you’re a manufacturer or pneumatics distributor based in the United States and are looking for high-quality FDA stainless steel pneumatic cylinders, API UK has what you need. Our 316 stainless steel cylinders offer the highest levels of hygiene and corrosion resistance for American manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, marine, oil and gas industries.    WHAT IS FDA STAINLESS STEEL?   Stai... Read more

Why stainless steel might be better suited to your application

If you're in the market for pneumatic instrumentation, you might find that stainless steel cylinders and valves are better suited to your application. This is especially true for food and beverage manufacturers that require the highest standards of hygiene and those that routinely deal with temperature extremes and corrosive media.    In this article, API Pneumatic UK highlights the features and benefits ... Read more