API Pneumatic UK has one of the largest range of pneumatic exhaust silencers available on the market today. We can offer everything from acetal resin self-cleaning silencers, to static and compact versions. Our selection of pneumatic mufflers is available in a host of materials, including sintered bronze, brass with stainless steel mesh and brass with sintered bronze inserts. The API Pneumatic range of air mufflers is available in a selection of sizes, from M5 up to an impressive 6”. Our exhaust conveyor allows for multiple piping of exhausts to a central point, keeping the workplace clean. Air is passed through an aluminium filter to remove oil and then through a secondary sintered bronze filter to silence the exhaust. Oil is collected in the internal reservoir of the unit, which can be drained manually. Speak to API Pneumatic UK’s technical experts today about your pneumatic accessory requirements.

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