Pneumatic Accessories

Here at API Pneumatic UK, we can offer a wide selection of pneumatic accessories, including pneumatic cylinder mounting accessories, mounting brackets, and other pneumatic cylinder accessories. These pneumatic accessories feature an array of integrated functions.

What are pneumatic accessories?

Pneumatic accessories include pneumatic fittings and pneumatic cylinder mounting accessories that are used in highly-pressurised pneumatic systems. Pneumatic fittings, in particular, feature tight seals with lower pressure requirements than hydraulic systems to be used in a range of domestic and industrial applications.

These pneumatic accessories are commonly made from three different types of materials, depending on the environment. These include plastic, stainless steel, or polymers. Stainless steel and polymer pneumatic accessories are often used in the food and beverage manufacturing process, as these comply with a range of hygiene regulations. However, plastic, stainless steel and polymers are safe for use in most other applications.

Pneumatic accessories from API Pneumatic UK

API Pneumatic UK supplies a range of pneumatic accessories, including pneumatic fittings.

Our V59 stop pneumatic fittings are push-in fittings with a check valve that work to safely stop the flow of air when a tube is removed. Whereas, the V60 circuit selectors, which are available in 1/8’’ and 1/4’’ port sizes, are used to convey two pneumatics flows from two different tubes. The V60 pneumatic accessories range works to do this without creating any interference with each other.

Our comprehensive pneumatic accessories range allows us to build logic circuits to suit the needs of a range of applications.

Here at API Pneumatic UK, we can also offer space-saving push-on acetal resin mini-pressure regulators and cylinder mounted stop valves, to create a bespoke pneumatic cylinder solution for your application. Our V46 cylinder-mounted slow start valve offers the slow start of systems, when compressed air is reintroduced.

We can also offer a space and energy saving cylinder mounted banjo-type pressure regulator, with our V47 range. This is alongside the PR18 range of normally open and normally closed pressure switches range that works to convert pneumatic signals to electrical outputs.

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