Filter Regulators

API Pneumatic UK stocks and supplies an extensive range of filter regulators, available on a next day delivery basis at the most competitive prices on the market. As UK distributors for API Pneumatic, we have exclusive access to the complete catalogue of superior industrial air filter regulators, boasting high-performance capabilities that can be tailor-made to suit the needs of your specific process.

Whether you require a standalone filter regulator, a combined filter regulator lubricator solution (FRL) or a modular airline filtration unit, we can match the right product to your business. Our in-depth filter regulator expertise means we can offer technical advice on how to get the most out of an airline filter regulator or how to compose the perfect filter regulator package for your budget and industry.

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Filter regulators from API Pneumatic UK

Part of API UK’s range of industrial air treatment equipment, our airline filter regulators are designed to deliver increased functionality and a higher-performance output in compressed air applications. Available with a variety of accompanying accessories and configurable upon request, filter regulators from API UK are designed with modularity at the heart of the manufacturing process. This ensures that our filtration equipment can serve as dependable, self-reliant units within any system.

The flagship products in our industrial filter regulator range is our series of stainless steel filter regulators.

Stainless steel filter regulators

As leading stainless steel equipment manufacturers, we at API UK pride ourselves on the quality of our stainless steel airline equipment. This extends to our range of filter regulators, modular airline units and FRLs; all of which are manufactured from high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel. Offering superior flow rates, higher temperature ranges and improved maximum pressure ratings, our stainless steel filter regulators are second to none when it comes to compressed air treatment in applications with extreme operating conditions.

Thanks to their corrosion and chemical resistance capabilities, they make ideal filtration equipment for guaranteeing long service life within high-pressure process industry applications, such as those found within the chemical processing and oil and gas industries. Stainless steel filter regulators show their true performance qualities in these types of high-demand applications, they are also capable of superior performance within food production and medical systems.

Stainless steel filter regulators from API UK also benefit from broad operational temperature ranges (-10 °C to +70°C ), pressure ratings of up to 30 bar, as well as accurate and sensitive pressure settings. Auxiliary products for effectively removing water and particle contaminants are also available.

Discover our range of stainless steel filter regulators

Modular filter regulators

Exclusively manufactured by API Pneumatic, our range of modular filter regulators and FRL’s present businesses with a unique, all-in-one compressed air filtration unit. Available in a variety of sizes and functions, modular FRL units from API UK feature relieving valves and filters with semi-automatic drains as standard. Our modular filter regulators boast 0.5 to 8 bar of regulating pressure, 10 bar inlet and 25-micron filters for high levels of filtration.

For extreme applications requiring a space-saving air preparation unit, modular airline filter regulators from API UK can also be manufactured from durable AISI 316L stainless steel. Lightweight and compact in size, these stainless steel filter regulators benefit from the same temperature ranges and pressure ratings as our standard stainless steel filtration units.

Explore our range of modular airline filter regulators

Micro filter regulators

If your application has minimal space for compressed air filtration, then we recommend our series of compact micro filter regulators. These miniature airline filter regulators are small in size but big on performance, and are designed to reduce outgoing pressure while keeping it constant as inlet pressures fluctuate. We can provide micro filter regulators with either brass or zinc bodies depending on your application requirements.

Brass micro filter regulators feature a relieving valve as standard, with 10 bar maximum pressure and a 0.5 to 8 bar regulation range. Zinc micro filter regulators have a full flow gauge port with snap action knob which locks in a pressure setting when pushed in. They also have a slightly greater maximum pressure rating and regulation range than their brass counterparts of 15 bar and 0.5-8.5 bar respectively.

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Filter regulator accessories

We also provide a range of bespoke accessories to complement our airline filter regulators. Our mounting accessories for filter regulators cover all requirements from spare parts and brackets to cup seals and spacers. API UK can provide accessories to complement individual equipment within our filter regulator units, such as metal cups for lubricators, as well as diaphragms for regulators.

View our filter regulator accessories range

Air pressure regulators

For additional air pressure regulation equipment, API UK can also provide a selection of pressure gauges. Ranging from traditional analogue pressure gauges to more advanced digital pressure and vacuum gauges, our pressure gauges can be provided in a multitude of different sizes and specifications to match your specific requirements.

Filter regulators for sale with API Pneumatic UK

Whether you need a quick turnaround for filter regulators or are looking for the most competitive price on the market, API UK can provide the right air filter regulation solution for you. Should you require any additional assistance in making your purchase, speak with a member of the API UK sales team on 01782 206 995 or email [email protected] and we will deal with your query quickly and efficiently.

  • A Series Regulators
  • A01F 1″ Filter
  • A01FRRL 1″ Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Semi Auto Drain
  • A01L 1″ Lubricator
  • A01R 1″ Regulator
  • A12F 1/2″ Filter
  • A12FRRL 1/2″ Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Semi Auto Drain
  • A12L 1/2″ Lubricator
  • A12R 1/2″ Regulator
  • A14F 1/4″ Filter
  • A14FRR 1/4″ Filter/Regulator Semi Auto Drain
  • A14FRRL 1/4″ Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Semi Auto Drain