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As pneumatic specialists, API UK can offer customers a wide range of high-quality accessories and bespoke services. Take a look at the full range of accessories and services from API Pneumatic UK.

Accessories from API Pneumatic UK

Here at API UK, we are able to supply customers with an extensive portfolio of pneumatic accessories. Our wide selection of accessories range from V59 push-in fittings, cylinder mounted V46 mounted stop valves, as well as pressure regulators and switches. All of our pneumatic accessories are equipped with integrated functionality. In addition, our range of accessories also extends to the following product types:

Pneumatic fittings and tubing

Our range of pneumatic fittings are available to purchase in different sizes and materials. API UK specialises in brass nickel plated push-in fitting, such as our Series R and Series C models for high-pressure and tubing applications respectively. We also offer brass nickel plated compression fittings and adaptors as part of our pneumatic fitting range.

API UK’s pneumatic tubing range is designed to cover all application types, from simple to hazardous. We also have a variety of different materials for pneumatic tubing products such as PTFE, nylon, rilsan, polyurethane and polyethylene.

Pneumatic air reservoirs

 As part of our accessories range, API UK can also provide high-performance pneumatic air reservoirs. Our compressed air reservoirs are manufactured to 2014/68/EU pressure directive standards, ensuring the highest quality available on the market. To this end, our pneumatic air reservoirs are manufactured from Steel Fe P04 with a RAL 50151-110 epoxy coating, providing high visibility and long life corrosion resistance.

Flow regulators and silencers

Additionally, API UK can also provide flow regulators and silencers. Our expansive range of flow regulators includes unidirectional and bidirectional regulators for compressed air flow control. We also offer cylinder mounted flow regulators, manufactured from either nickel plated brass or delrin, depending on customer preference.

Our range of exhaust silencers is arguably the largest available on the UK market today. We are able to provide everything from self-cleaning silencers to static and compact variations. Our silencer range also extends to pneumatic mufflers, which we can provide in an array of different materials depending on customer requirements.

Services from API Pneumatic UK

In addition to our range of accessories, API UK can also offer bespoke pneumatic design and build services. Tailored to customer requirements and specifications, our services help distinguish us as pneumatic specialists.

Same day builds

One of our key services here at API UK is our same day builds for pneumatic cylinders. For businesses requiring pneumatic cylinders on a short turnaround, we can build and dispatch ISO 15552 cylinders within 90 minutes. Our same day builds are unique, efficient and available at no extra cost for customers requiring a quick turnaround.

Control panels

API UK can also offer design and builds for bespoke pneumatic control panels. With over 30 years experience and the fastest turnaround on the market, we can have bespoke control panels on site within five working days. We can offer everything from electro-pneumatic control panels through to fully pneumatic control systems.

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    API Pneumatic UK can offer a wide selection of high quality pneumatic fittings in a range of sizes and materials. Our Series R brass nickel plated push-in fittings provide quick attachment and detachment of pneumatic tubing. Series R/150 push-in fittings are designed for use in high pressure applications up to 150 bar and are widely used in lubricating systems.
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    Flow Regulators

    Our inline flow regulator models are manufactured in aluminium and Delrin and are available in sizes ranging from 1/8” to ½”. While our cylinder mounted flow regulators are manufactured in nickel plated brass and Delrin options. Contact API Pneumatic UK’s experienced and highly knowledgeable technical experts to discuss your flow regulator requirements in more detail.


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