Pneumatic Cylinders & Accessories

As an expert pneumatic cylinder supplier, API UK specialises in selling high-quality and high-performance single and double-acting pneumatic cylinders. Constructed from a metallic piston assembly, our pneumatic cylinders are suitable for heavy-duty operation and their clean lines enable efficient SIP and CIP wash-downs for hygienic applications.

Here at API UK, our comprehensive range of single and double-acting pneumatic cylinders are manufactured for efficient turnarounds and at competitive prices. We offer multiple build configurations on all of our pneumatic air cylinders, which can be adapted upon request and interchanged as necessary. Our team of technical experts are happy to accommodate individual requirements for your chosen pneumatic cylinders, as well as any additional requests you may have.

Here is our complete pneumatic cylinder range:


Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinders

We are one of the only UK pneumatic cylinder suppliers to supply our own range of stainless steel cylinders. They are a leading product in our comprehensive pneumatic cylinder range, and they offer unbeatable corrosion resistance.

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, our stainless steel pneumatic cylinders are able to withstand even the most extreme environments while delivering longevity and reliability in harsh and hygienic applications. This makes them ideally suited to the pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries.

ISO Cylinders

Our ISO cylinders feature lightweight construction, polyurethane seals and stainless steel piston rods. Conforming to both ISO 15552 and ISO 6432 standards, they’re manufactured with unrivalled attention to detail and come in either single or double-acting models.

All of our ISO pneumatic cylinders have been manufactured with attention to detail, creating an effective, streamlined and modern design. In addition, they can be provided as ATEX models upon request. For additional convenience, our ISO 15552 cylinders are also available as same-day builds at no extra cost, should your business require a quick turnaround.

Cartridge Cylinders

Cartridge cylinders are manufactured from nickel-plated brass, complete with a stainless steel rod and springs, as well as polyurethane seals. A cost-effective single-acting pneumatic cylinder, our cartridge cylinders are available in different bore lengths depending on your requirements. These cartridge microcylinders ensure adaptability for a variety of applications.

Compact Cylinders

Compact cylinders from API UK feature a one-piece body design with integral grooves, enabling reed switching to be housed within the cylinder profile, thus eliminating the need for brackets. Our compact, modular pneumatic cylinders come complete with integrated guide shafts, which ensure no direct loading and prolong the lifecycle of the seals.

Rodless Cylinders

Rodless cylinders from API UK are magnetic as standard, which makes them suitable for reed switch mounting. Featuring adjustable cushioning and long-lasting polyurethane seals, the unique low-profile design of our rodless pneumatic cylinders reduces overall length by 50% compared to cylinders with piston rods. This unique feature makes API rodless pneumatic cylinders an ideal solution for applications where space is limited.

Rotary Actuators

Rotary actuators benefit from a space-saving, integral rack and pinion design. Magnetic as standard, our double-acting pneumatic rotary actuators feature adjustable cushioning, which allows for high cycle times and good end-of-stroke shock protection.

Roundline Cylinders

Roundline cylinders feature an anodised aluminium head and tube, as well as a chrome-plated steel rod and seal for a longer life cycle. Available in both double-acting magnetic and non-magnetic versions, our roundline pneumatic cylinders are for use with compressed air, either with or without lubrication. API roundline cylinders are also available as ATEX models upon request.

Short-Stroke Cylinders

Short-Stroke cylinders feature a compact design and space-saving dimensions for applications limited by space. With a high force-to-length ratio, and conforming to ISO 15524 standards, our short-stroke cylinders come equipped with elastic cushioning for quiet operation, flexible mounting options and broader piston rod mounting alternatives.

Pneumatic Cylinder Accessories

To complement our pneumatic cylinder range, API UK is able to supply a diverse portfolio of pneumatic cylinder accessories. From mechanical grippers to switches and brackets, all of our pneumatic cylinder accessories are available with a multitude of customisation options to suit your desired cylinder type.

We also have a specialist range of cylinder mounting accessories, manufactured from steel and aluminium that are designed to provide mounting options to match any industry. Finally, we can also provide small-in-size pneumatic grippers for applications where space-saving instrumentation is required.

If you would like to find out more about our pneumatic cylinder range and the accessories available, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pneumatic Cylinder Accessories

What are the key considerations when selecting pneumatic cylinder accessories?

Choosing the right pneumatic cylinder accessories involves several important considerations. Some key factors to keep in mind include:

  • Application requirements: Understand the specific needs of your application, such as the required force, speed, and precision of movement. This will help you determine which accessories, such as flow control valves or cushioning devices, are necessary to achieve the desired performance.
  • Compatibility: Ensure that the accessories you select are compatible with the pneumatic cylinder you’re using. Consider factors like cylinder size, mounting configuration, and thread types to ensure proper fit and functionality.
  • Environmental factors: Take into account the operating environment, including temperature, humidity, and potential exposure to chemicals or contaminants. Choose accessories that are designed to withstand these conditions without compromising performance or durability.
  • Safety considerations: Evaluate any safety requirements or regulations that may apply to your application. For example, if you’re working with hazardous materials or in an environment with strict safety standards, you may need accessories like lockout valves or emergency stop controls.
  • Maintenance and serviceability: Consider the ease of maintenance and serviceability of the accessories. Opt for accessories that are easy to install, maintain, and replace when necessary, minimising downtime and ensuring long-term reliability.

By carefully considering these factors, you can select the most suitable pneumatic cylinder accessories for your specific application.

Can I retrofit accessories to an existing pneumatic cylinder?

Yes, in many cases, it is possible to retrofit accessories to an existing pneumatic cylinder. However, the compatibility of the accessories with the cylinder should be confirmed beforehand. Ensure that the accessories are designed to work with the specific model and size of the cylinder you have. Additionally, consider any potential modifications or adjustments required for proper installation and functionality. It may be helpful to consult the manufacturer’s documentation or seek assistance from a knowledgeable supplier or technician to ensure a successful retrofit.

How do I find pneumatic supplies near me?

At API UK, we can help you with whatever your demands or requirements. Wherever you are in the UK, and beyond, we can successfully source high-quality, high-power pneumatic cylinders and accessories. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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    pneumatic cylinders

    API Pneumatic UK is a leading pneumatic cylinder supplier. We can supply a wide range of API pneumatic cylinders, from ISO cylinders, to roundline cylinders, compact cylinders, cartridge cylinders & rodless cylinders. Our cylinders are available on a next day delivery basis. Speak to an API Pneumatic UK expert today for more details.

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    pneumatic accessories

    API Pneumatic UK can supply a wide range of pneumatic cylinder mounting accessories, available in steel or aluminium. Our aluminium cylinder mounting options provide a low cost and lightweight optional mounting solution for general purpose applications. While our steel pneumatic cylinder mounting options are ideal for heavier duty applications.


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