Short Stroke Cylinders

API Pneumatic UK can provide a wide selection of high quality short stroke pneumatic cylinders. Our short stroke cylinders offer a compact design and therefore space saving dimensions for applications limited by space. Designed with an extruded barrel, featuring integrated slots, API short stroke pneumatic cylinders enable reed switches to be housed within the cylinder profile, which means no brackets are required. All of our short stroke cylinders conform to ISO 15524 and offer competitor interchangeability. API Pneumatic UK offers male or female piston rod options, as well as broader piston rod mounting alternatives. With a high force to length ratio, API short stroke pneumatic cylinders are suitable for applications where ISO 15552 cylinders are not female threaded or where through body mounting is required – guaranteeing flexibility in the mounting options. Our short stroke cylinders also feature elastic cushioning for quiet operation and are pre-lubricated, making them suitable for non-lubricated systems. A cost-saving non-magnetic version is also available.

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