Stainless Steel Equipment

Here at API Pneumatic UK, we pride ourselves on our flagship range of innovative stainless steel process and manufacturing equipment, including stainless steel cylinders and stainless steel valves. Our range of stainless steel products are made from AISI 316 stainless steel, our superior stainless steel cylinders and accessories set us apart from our competitors as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of stainless steel cylinders and accessories; including stainless steel valves. 


API Pneumatic UK are one of just a few global manufacturers that can offer stainless steel cylinders manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel.


Why choose stainless steel for your equipment


For processes that require equipment performance in demanding applications; such as cylinders and valves; stainless steel is a must. Industries such as the food and beverage manufacturing require a certain level of hygienic and sanitary conditions. This is why they are well suited to stainless steel equipment to ensure that their systems work effectively. 


Similarly, potentially hazardous applications that may be found in environments such as oil and gas or offshore applications will require corrosion-free stainless steel cylinders. API Pneumatic UK can provide corrosion-free stainless steel equipment due to resistance capabilities and high-temperature durability. 


Choose API Pneumatics for your stainless steel equipment


As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel equipment, API UK has one of the most extensive product ranges of stainless steel cylinders and stainless steel valves. We also boast the quickest turnaround time on all stainless steel equipment within the UK market, with a projected 2-3 weeks on all made-to-order stainless steel cylinders and stainless steel valves. This is a huge reduction on the average 2-month turnaround offered by most other manufacturers! 


From stainless steel cylinders and spool valves to airline equipment and pipe fittings; no other supplier can match API UK’s dedication to the field of stainless steel excellence. Take a look at the full stainless steel equipment range. 




The leading product in our stainless steel equipment range, API UK’s stainless steel cylinders offer the highest levels of corrosion resistance. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, our cylinders can withstand the most extreme environments, delivering longevity and reliability in harsh and hygienic applications, such as those found within the pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries. 


Investing in a stainless steel cylinder eliminates the need to replace equipment multiple times each year. When you choose stainless steel pneumatic cylinders from API UK, you invest in long-term excellence.




Another key product in API UK’s product range is our stainless steel valves. We offer a complete range of stainless steel valves, including ball valves, ATEX standard stainless steel valves and, of course, our signature spool valves. 


As one of the few manufacturers within the UK to offer 316L stainless steel spool valves, we can ensure a specialist piece of stainless steel process equipment. Featuring a body completely manufactured from stainless steel, this ensures no part of the valve corrodes, making it perfect for aggressive applications.




For high-pressure applications, we recommend our range of stainless steel airline equipment. Made from AISI 316 steel, our stainless steel equipment features a space-saving modular design with the aim of effectively removing water and particles from the airline of your chosen system. This helps provide accurate and sensitive pressure settings, which prolongs the service life of any downstream pneumatic components working within your system.




To round off our stainless steel equipment range, API UK has a wide variety of stainless steel fittings and accessories. Designed to complement any application, our stainless steel fittings have been manufactured from AISI 316 steel to ensure quality and durability. 


Our range of stainless steel accessories includes pipe fittings, stainless steel mountings and steel clevis brackets. All of our fittings work best when used alongside our stainless steel cylinders, particularly when high levels of hygiene, safety and corrosion resistance are required.


Contact API Pneumatic UK for all of your stainless steel cylinders and valves


Speak to our expert team to find out more about stainless steel cylinders and stainless steel valves from API Pneumatic UK. Call us today on +44 (0)1782 206 995 or email us on [email protected]

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    API Pneumatic UK is a leading manufacturer of AISI 316 stainless steel pneumatic cylinders. With high corrosion resistance, our API stainless steel cylinders are able to withstand aggressive environments for industries such as marine and oil and gas.

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    API Pneumatic UK manufactures high grade AISI 316 stainless steel cylinder accessories such as pipe fittings. We also manufacture stainless steel mountings, including steel clevis brackets. All stainless steel cylinder accessories are designed to be compatible with our stainless steel cylinders.


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