Month: January 2018

Why stainless steel pneumatics are a wise investment

API Pneumatic is one of the few global exponents of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders and spool valves. Not just any stainless steel either for that matter, but none other than high-grade 316. Now, API’s UK arm is ma... Read more

6 reasons to choose API Pneumatic for your pneumatic products

Here at API Pneumatic UK, we’re passionate about what we do. We truly believe that our products, service, pricing and flexibility make us hard to beat in the world of pneumatics. If you’re looking for a same day pneu... Read more

Same day build pneumatic cylinders to make you H-API!

At API Pneumatic UK, we dare to be different. We go the extra (stroke) length to deliver high-speed, same day builds on all of our pneumatic cylinders. In fact, we can have your cylinder ready in the time is takes to pla... Read more