Stainless Steel Valves

API Pneumatic UK is one of the few manufacturers able to provide heavy-duty, stainless steel valves, manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel. This is the highest grade of stainless steel required for the pharmaceutical, food, marine and oil and gas industries. Our selection of stainless steel valves includes stainless steel ball valves and stainless steel control valves. We also manufacture a specialist range of stainless steel spool valves to help us provide a complete, corrosion resistant solution when paired with our stainless steel cylinders.

Stainless steel control valves

Our stainless steel control valves are part of the AX1 series. We manufacture both solenoid and pneumatic stainless steel control valves, with a range of variations. This range includes both in line and Namur interfaces, as well as a multitude of other options. For example, non-sparking coil Ex nA, intrinsic safety Ex ia and encapsulated coil Ex dm.

Stainless steel spool valves

API Pneumatic UK is part of a minority of companies that specialise in the manufacturing of stainless steel spool valves. We recognised early on the benefit of stainless steel spool valves when utilised with our stainless steel cylinders, especially for use in hazardous, corrosive environments. API Pneumatic UK aims to set the stainless steel bar even higher, providing you with a corrosion resistant solution for industries such as the oil and gas and pharmaceutical sectors.

Stainless steel ancillary valves

API Pneumatic UK has a wide selection of stainless steel ancillary valves available, including quick exhaust valves and ball valves. Our stainless steel ball valves are available as full bore ball valves, uni directional ball valves and miniature ball valves to suit your application requirements.

Stainless steel valves from API Pneumatic UK

As well as being manufactured from stainless steel, this range of valves also includes ATEX standard versions for use in high-risk explosive areas. We also offer the option of FKM seals for use in high-temperature environments. All API Pneumatic UK stainless steel valves are pre-lubricated, which makes them suitable for non-lubricated compressed air systems.

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