Valves & Accessories

API Pneumatic UK can supply a wide selection of high-quality valves and valve accessories. API valves are constructed from lightweight aluminium as well as featuring a hard anodised aluminium spool to ensure a long service life. With a wide range of sizes available, with everything from M5 to ½” ports, we can find an API valve suitable for your application requirements. Our valves are delivered pre-lubricated, which means that they can be used on dry and lubricated compressed air systems (NB once lubricated, lubrication must be continued).

API valves

We have an extensive range of valves at API UK to suit a multitude of applications. Manufacturing everything from ISO control valves to ancillary valves, we almost certainly have the product for you. All of our API valves are constructed with a focus on long life service and high-quality performance. As industrial valve manufacturers, we also have an array of ATEX versions for use in hazardous environments.

ISO control valves

Conforming to ISO 5599/1 standards, we manufacture both electrically operated and pneumatically operated spool valves, to give you a selection of control options. As industrial valve manufacturers, meeting ISO 5599/1 is crucial to ensure our ISO control valves are interchangeable with any valve manufactured to this specification.

Solenoid valves

Our API solenoid valve selection includes A1 and A2 series solenoid valves, directly operated solenoid valves and indirectly operated solenoid valves, specifically for water and steam.

Manual & mechanical valves

For manual and mechanical valves, we have everything from wide lever, to top lever, push-pull and foot operated valves. Contact our team to find the API valve most suited to your application.

Actuated ball valves

API Pneumatic UK has both single and double acting options available within our actuated ball valve range. We also have a wide range of actuators to suit an extensive range of valves.

Ancillary valves

If you’re looking for slide valves, quick exhaust valves, uni-directional valves or safety valves, API Pneumatic UK has the product for you. We also have a range of miniature ball valves, available with either a cast body and from brass hexagonal bar.

Valve accessories

As well as our range of valves, we also supply valve accessories. At API, we stock a variety of coils and connectors, both available as ATEX versions, as well as valve mounting plates. All of our valves will accept any coil voltage, eliminating the need to buy full valve and coil sets. Thus, enabling you to make cost savings. As leading suppliers of high-quality valve accessories, API Pneumatic UK can also offer an externally piloted option with a higher pressure pilot, which allows for low-pressure air through the valve. Our range of manifold options allow for space saving panel builds and back plate assemblies.

Industrial valve manufacturers

For more information regarding our API valves and valve accessories, contact our technical team today. As expert industrial valve manufacturers, we can talk you through the options available to you and advise on the best product for your specifications. Call API Pneumatic UK on 01782 206 995 or email us directly at

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    Manual & Mechanical Valves

    API Pneumatic UK supplies an extensive range of manual & mechanical valves. These pneumatic valves can be used as pilot or power valves. This includes foot operated, push-pull, lever valves and many more.
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    Coils & Connectors

    API Pneumatic UK’s coil and connectors are available in a variety of types, specific to your requirements. We also have ATEX versions available in both coils and connectors, for extra reliability and durability in hazardous or potentially explosive environments.


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