Air Reservoirs

Part of our range of high-quality accessories, API Pneumatic UK can supply your business with high-performance compressed air reservoirs. Designed to complement pneumatic systems and other industrial processes, our pneumatic air reservoirs adeptly control the flow of compressed air during pressure fluctuations.

Pneumatic air reservoirs

The primary application of a pneumatic air reservoir within industrial processes is to allow compressed air to enter via a flow control valve and store this air until releasing it at a predetermined point. Air reservoirs can also be used either as an accumulator if the pressure were to suddenly drop, as well as generating longer delays, static pressure and operating as a compressed air control system.

Key benefits of implementing a compressed air reservoir within your process include:

  • To save businesses costs of air compressor usage and maintenance costs by utilising air receivers when compressed air is only required for a few seconds.


  • Air reservoir tanks store compressed air to later be used when plants experience an increased usage of fluid supply.


  • Removes condensation, moisture and water from the compressed air stored in the reservoir tank.


  • Equalises air pressure variation via the start/stop.


  • Modulating the sequence of any air compressors utilised onsite.


Air receivers from API Pneumatic UK

As API UK prides ourselves in delivering only the best pneumatic solutions to our customers, all air receivers which we supply have been manufactured to 2014/68/EU and 2014/29/EU. This ensures that our compressed air receivers are the highest quality compared to anywhere else on the UK OEM market.

All API UK pneumatic air reservoirs have been manufactured from azure painted steel, as well as featuring either 2-4 connections, and are capable of handling between 0.5 and 100 litres of compressed air depending on the chosen model. Suitable for most pneumatic and industrial processes, our air receivers deliver a hydrostatic pressure of 16.5 bar and working pressures of 11 bar. Our standard compressed air reservoir model can perform to the highest standard in a temperature range between -10°C and 60°C.

Every API UK air reservoir is manufactured from Steel Fe PO4 with a RAL 5015-110 epoxy coating, which provides high visibility and long life corrosion resistance. As such, our pneumatic air reservoirs are designed for use with corrosive substances and withstand the pressures of harsh environments.

Our pneumatic air reservoirs have a compact design, making them ideal for working environments where space is at a premium. These small air reservoirs can also act as an air pressure-back up system within control panels to remove any pulsing or compressed air.

For customers requiring an air reservoir for use with extreme applications, such as those found within either the chemical or oil & gas industry, we can manufacturer our pneumatic reservoirs to 2014/34/EU ATEX standards to allow for safe functioning in potentially explosive environments.

Air reservoir accessories

API UK also stocks a comprehensive range of air compressor accessories to help complement your new compressed air receiver. We can provide your business with a series of accessories for mounting, such as bracket/tank connection fittings and mounting brackets. All air reservoir mounting accessories are manufactured from either zinc-plated steel or nickel-plated brass. While for enhancing the general use of our air reservoirs, we can provide superior condense drain valves manufactured from acetal raisin materials.

Air reservoir suppliers

As leading pneumatic component suppliers, the team at API Pneumatic UK works with all customers to decide the correct sizing of your required air reservoir to help ascertain your precise application needs. By offering a complimentary consultation service, we can help ensure that your chosen pneumatic air reservoir can perform to the highest standard within your industry.

If you are unsure which directive your air receiver should be manufactured to, speak to our technical experts on 01782 206995, email [email protected], or complete our contact form. With unrivalled technical knowledge and extensive expertise, API Pneumatic UK can provide an air reservoir that is tailored to your specific industry requirements.

  • SBCV Series Air Reservoir