Single-acting pneumatic cylinders

As part of our pneumatic cylinders range, API Pneumatic UK manufactures and supplies single-acting air cylinders, with the vast majority conforming to ISO standards. Single-acting pneumatic cylinders from API UK are available in multiple build configurations, which can be tailored to meet specific application requirements upon request. Take a look at our range of single-acting pneumatic cylinders and actuators below.

Single-acting air cylinders and actuators from API UK

API UK can provide a variety of spring return, single-acting pneumatic cylinders to suit a wide array of applications and process types. We supply UK businesses with ISO and cartridge single-acting pneumatic cylinders, as well as single air acting cylinders manufactured from stainless steel.

ISO single-acting pneumatic cylinders

Our ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinders are available as both non-magnetic or magnetic single-acting air cylinders, with bore lengths ranging from 8mm to 25mm. Designed to treat compressed filtered air with our without lubrication, ISO 6432 single-acting cylinders feature max pressures of 10 bar and temperature ranges of -30 °C to +80 °C.

With standards stroke lengths of 10mm to 50mm, signature features of API UK’s ISO single-acting pneumatic cylinders include perfect tightening and nitrile rubber cushioning. ISO 6432 spring return air cylinders can also be customised to include FKM seals, as well as an extended rod hardened in chrome-plated steel for use with hygienic and sanitary applications.

Stainless steel single-acting pneumatic cylinders

API UK can also provide ISO 21287 compact single-acting cylinders manufactured from AISI stainless steel upon request. Featuring bore lengths of 25mm to 100mm, our stainless steel single-acting pneumatic cylinders feature round tubes, external tie rods and a clean design for specialist applications. With no cavities on the cylinder end caps, any potential for contamination is eliminated.

These magnetic only single-acting pneumatic cylinders feature components manufactured exclusively from AISI 316L stainless steel. Our stainless steel single acting air cylinders can handle compressed filtered air in applications with operating conditions ranging from -20 °C to +80 °C.

Cartridge single-acting pneumatic cylinders

API UK’s cartridge micro cylinders are single-acting only, with optional non-threaded or threaded rods. Our single-acting cartridge air cylinders feature threaded bodies which allow for further adjustments of the end position of the strike. Designed for use within space-sensitive applications, cartridge single-acting cylinders feature bore lengths between 6mm to 16mm and standard stroke lengths of 5mm to 15mm.

Round single-acting pneumatic cylinders

API UK can also provide non-ISO round single-acting pneumatic cylinders, featuring stainless steel tubes and bore lengths of 32mm to 63mm. Featuring similar characteristics to our ISO single-acting cylinders, these round type pneumatic cylinders are distinguishable by the addition of dumpers for cushioning impact, as opposed to nitrile rubber cushioning. Optional customisations for these non-standard single-acting cylinders include FKM or low-temperature seals, low friction, rear springs and through rods. These options can be combined for additional functionality wherever necessary.

Other single-acting pneumatic cylinder types available at API UK include:

  • UNITOP compact cylinders: Single acting, magnetic compact cylinders conforming to European UNITOP standard.
  • Rotary actuators: Single acting rotary actuators with a double rack, which can be used alongside ball valves or butterfly valves.

Buy single-acting pneumatic cylinders from API UK

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