Roundline Cylinders

Roundline cylinders from API Pneumatic UK are API round cylinders with their own unique design. Our roundline cylinders are available as both double acting and double acting magnetic versions, in a bore range of 32mm to 50mm.

Roundline cylinders

API pneumatic roundline cylinders are for use with compressed air, either with or without lubrication. However, once lubrication is used, it must be continued. The design of this cylinder includes an anodised aluminium head and tube, a chrome plated steel rod and NBR (Polyurethane) seals. The NBR seals are selected to give your cylinder a longer life cycle.

As a standard, our round cylinders perform exceptionally in a temperature range of -30°C to 80°C. However, for extreme temperature resistance, FKM seals can be used. This expands the temperature range of the cylinder to -20°C to 150°C, for higher temperature environments. The maximum pressure range of our roundline cylinders is 10 bar.

Round cylinder features

API has incorporated several beneficial features to enhance your cylinders performance. For example, your round cylinder is guaranteed perfect tightening due to the head being connected with the body through the thread. Our roundline cylinders also have nitrile rubber cushioning. This absorbs and relieves some of the impact of the piston, protecting your cylinder. You can also add one or more magnetic reed switches to the magnetic version of an API pneumatic roundline cylinder as necessary for your application.

At API, our cylinders can be adapted to suit the requirements of your application. Special versions of our round cylinders are available on request and our technical team are more than happy to speak to you about your cylinder. We understand that in potentially explosive environments, another level of security and reliability is required. Therefore, we have ATEX versions of our roundline cylinder available if necessary.

API pneumatic roundline cylinders

For more information on API roundline cylinders, or any of our cylinders available, speak to one of our technical team today. We can advise you on the most suitable version for your specific application, down to the necessary elements, such as seal type and bore length. Although these particular round cylinders don’t conform to ISO standards, we have a range that do available.

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