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Achieve peak performance in pneumatic systems with our pressure regulators

In this article, API Pneumatic UK discusses how pneumatic pressure regulators can be applied in compressed air systems to achieve optimal performance levels and guarantee stability for your process. Discover why certain ... Read more

Why your process needs a stainless steel mini ball valve

If you are looking for a compact ball valve for confined spaces that doesn’t compromise on performance, there are few better than mini ball valves. For additional quality, stainless steel miniature ball valves, such as... Read more

API UK answers your FAQs about stainless steel full bore ball valves

In this article, API Pneumatic UK answers five of your most frequently asked questions about full bore ball valves. We discuss a host of common queries that consumers and buyers in the industry enquire about regularly. W... Read more

ISO cylinder selection guide

Designed to meet industry standards set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), an ISO certified cylinder is the mark of quality. As leading cylinder manufacturers and suppliers, we pride ourselves o... Read more

Avoiding mistakes in choosing pneumatic cylinders

To the uninitiated, selecting the right pneumatic cylinder for your chosen application can be quite a complex process. Pneumatic cylinders are used in a variety of applications and industries, come in thousands of variat... Read more

Single-acting cylinders vs double-acting cylinders

Here at API Pneumatic UK, we deal with a range of cylinder enquiries daily. The majority come from customers who know precisely what cylinder type they want and how it will complement their systems, while others are comp... Read more

What is the difference between single-acting and double-acting pneumatic cylinders?

Does your application require a single or double-acting pneumatic cylinder? If you are unsure, the team at API Pneumatic UK is more than happy to discuss your requirements and find a suitable solution for your system. Th... Read more

Find the best valve for your application

Manufactured from premium materials, API valves are reliable, durable and competitively priced. With API products, you can expect the best of everything, from pneumatic cylinders down to ISO control valves. With an exten... Read more

6 reasons to choose a tailored service from API Pneumatic UK

Tailored solutions, premium products, the highest standards of customer service, specialist advice and fair prices are all benefits you can expect from choosing API Pneumatic UK as your preferred supplier of pneumatic pr... Read more

Custom designed cylinders from API

Imagine at the height of production, one of your cylinders fails and everything grinds to a halt. In this situation, you are probably beginning to calculate how much expensive downtime you will have to endure before you ... Read more

How ATEX pneumatics could revolutionise your application

The ATEX directive was put in place to protect the safety of workers in hazardous environments. This is largely achieved through the use of specially manufactured equipment. Hazardous environments occur when dust, vapour... Read more

Essential pneumatics for the food and beverage industry

Hygiene is paramount when it comes to pneumatics for the food and beverage industry. Manufacturers have to focus on meeting stringent hygiene standards to ensure their food and beverages aren’t compromised. All food gr... Read more