Double-Acting Pneumatic Cylinders

As part of our pneumatic cylinders range, API Pneumatic UK manufactures and supplies a wide variety of double-acting air cylinders. Available with quick turnarounds and customisable upon request, our product catalogue features a wide range of innovative and cost-effective double-acting pneumatic cylinder. Discover our complete range of double-acting pneumatic cylinders and actuators below.

Double-acting pneumatic air cylinders

From chemical processing to food packaging, API UK distributes multi-purpose double-acting cylinders to suit countless industry types. We supply UK businesses with our popular ISO 15552 and ISO 6432 double-acting pneumatic cylinders, as well as stainless steel round double-acting, compact, short-stroke and rodless air cylinders to name but a few.

ISO double-acting pneumatic cylinders

Our double-acting ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders are the flagship API UK product, available as same-day build cylinders on request. ISO 15552 double-acting cylinders from API UK extend to our AMT, AMA, BMT and BMA models. These magnetic ISO double-acting cylinders feature bore lengths of 32mm to 125mm, stroke lengths of 10mm to 2500mm and standard temperature ratings of -20 °C to +80°C.

Primary features of ISO 15552 double-acting cylinders are their heavy-duty flat heads and clean design for use in hygienic operations. Designed for use with compressed filtered air with or without lubrication, these ISO double-acting air cylinders can be customised with an extensive selection of options. These include, but are not limited to FKM or NBR seals, rod customisation, adjustable cushioning, alternating tandems and stainless steel components.

ISO 6432 cylinders from API UK can also be manufactured as double-acting pneumatic cylinders. Our MDMX and MDMXA models are magnetic double-acting ISO air cylinders, which can be supplied with or without adjustable cushioning. Featuring shorter bore lengths of 16mm to 25mm, they feature higher maximum stroke lengths of up to 1000mm, as well as perfect tightening and nitrile rubber cushioning.

Stainless steel double-acting cylinders

Stainless steel double-acting pneumatic cylinders from API UK extend to both compact and round cylinder types. Complying with ISO 21287 standards, our stainless steel compact double-acting air cylinders include the CIX model with female thread and CIXN with anti-rotating characteristics. Both compact stainless steel double-ended cylinder models feature external tie-rods and round tubes.

API UK’s stainless steel round cylinders feature a design that is specifically manufactured to prevent impurities within applications. Fully manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel, our RXD series double-acting pneumatic cylinders feature smooth-surfaced bodies which remove the possibility of dirt within cavities.

As such, these double-acting air cylinders are ideally suited for industries that require maximum hygiene, such as food production and medical, as well as corrosive environments such as chemicals and oil and gas. Additionally, API UK can provide stainless steel double-acting round cylinders that do not conform to ISO standards, available as either magnetic, non-magnetic or magnetic with adjustable cushioning on both ends.

Double-acting pneumatic cylinders on request

While not yet featured on the API UK website, the following double-acting cylinders from the API Pneumatic family can be supplied to UK customers on request:

  • Double-acting rodless cylinders (S1 for standard, S2 short for lighter loads and S4 parallel with bores from 25mm to 63mm).
  • CNOMO double-acting cylinders (available in both magnetic and non-magnetic models).
  • Compact guided double-acting magnetic cylinders (available with either self-lubricating bushings or spherical bearings).
  • Double-acting compact cylinders (available in magnetic, non-magnetic or either variation with anti-rotating characteristics).
  • Double-acting short-stroke cylinders (available in magnetic, non-magnetic and anti-rotating magnetic models).
  • Double-ended twin rod cylinders (magnetic as standard with double thrust force and precise operation).
  • Hi-rotary double-acting cylinders (available in a variety of models with fixed and adjustable rotation angles and reduced overall dimensions).
  • Double-acting ARP series rotary actuators (with piston and external mechanical stoppers).
  • Double-acting rotary actuators with double rack (for use with ball valves and butterfly valves).

Buy double-acting pneumatic cylinders

Browse our range of double-acting air cylinders below or, to discuss your requirements with one of our technical experts, speak with API Pneumatic UK today on 01782 206 995, email [email protected] or complete our contact form.

For OEM buyers and operation managers, why not join our exclusive network of distributors and become part of the API Pneumatic family with complete access to all API UK products for access to all double-acting pneumatic cylinders?

  • AMAK Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • AMT Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • AMX Series Pneumatic Double Acting Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • ART ISO 15552 Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder Series
  • CRT Rack and Pinion Double Acting Rotary Cylinder Series
  • MD Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • MDM Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • MDMA Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • MDMX Series Pneumatic Double Acting Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • MDX Series Pneumatic Double Acting Stainless Steel Cylinder