who are api pneumatic?


API Pneumatic UK has been supplying high quality pneumatic cylinders since 1996. As pneumatic cylinder suppliers, we supply the full range of API Pneumatic products. As part of our broad portfolio, we can provide a wide selection of pneumatic cylinders, including ISO cylinders, roundline cylinders, short stroke cylinders, compact and cartridge cylinders, as well as rodless cylinders and rotary actuators. We also stock a variety of pneumatic accessories, including pneumatic grippers and mounting accessories. API Pneumatic UK is one of just a few pneumatic cylinder suppliers to provide our own line of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders. Built from the highest grade 316 stainless steel, API stainless steel pneumatic cylinders offer the highest level of corrosion resistance for the pharmaceutical, food, marine and oil and gas industries. API Pneumatic is also one of the few manufacturers able to provide heavy duty, stainless steel valves. API Pneumatic UK also supplies a full range of airline equipment, pressure gauges, valves and accessories. We pride ourselves on delivering a first class, 90-minute same day build service on our ISO 15552 cylinders. Available in any stroke length, this incredible service is available to you at no extra cost. We also offer control panels that are consistently up to 30% cheaper than our bigger competitors, following a free site visit anywhere in the UK.