Same day build pneumatic cylinders to make you H-API!

At API Pneumatic UK, we dare to be different. We go the extra (stroke) length to deliver high-speed, same day builds on all of our pneumatic cylinders. In fact, we can have your cylinder ready in the time is takes to play a football match – yes, just 90 minutes. Hard to beat, right? Well, in fact, we can go one better because, while you might expect to pay a hefty premium for such a rapid service, at API Pneumatic UK it’s all part of the service and comes at no extra cost to you. Now that’s a same day service that’s guaranteed to make you h-API!

Yes, you did read that correctly! API Pneumatic UK is the only pneumatic cylinder manufacturer and supplier in the UK to offer a 90-minute, same day build service for ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders. Available from 32mm bore up to 125mm bore, and in any non-standard stroke length (yes, any!) up to 1.5 metres, we’re confident that we can give you the fastest turnaround on the market today.

API Pneumatic UK’s same day build service

Okay, but surely that level of service costs an arm and a leg? Actually, no! At API Pneumatic, we believe in good, old fashioned customer service. The type of impeccable service that surprises and delights you so much that you wouldn’t even contemplate going anywhere else. Why would you when you can take advantage of same day builds at zero extra charge to you and your business. That’s right: nothing, nada, zip. Free. Of. Charge!

As well as being incredibly fast, and very kind to your pocket, API Pneumatic UK’s same day build service is incredibly flexible too. Non-standard stroke length? No problem, we can modify our cylinder to fit. If it’s an emergency, we’ll make sure it’s ready for you that same day, to minimise any costly downtime. Need modifications on the thread of the piston rod? Simple. While our competitors might quote you a week, we’ll do it that day.

Expert and experienced engineers

All of our same day builds are carried out by highly experienced engineers at our Stoke-on-Trent workshop. Our expertise is complemented by state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, lathes and accurate aluminium saws to deliver the best end product to you. Plus, we can supply all the necessary cylinder accessories from stock, with a wide variety of clevices, rear trunnions, reed switches and everything else needed to complete your cylinder assembly.

“We set our stall out for the stocking of our cylinders because we understand that if a customer’s machine has gone down, then production goes down too,” says Tim Swift, Managing Director at API Pneumatic UK. “A £200-£300 pound cylinder is nothing in comparison to thousands and thousands of line items that aren’t going to go out that night. So, the good thing about us is that we don’t charge a premium for our same day builds. We can help out at a reasonable price,” he adds.

If you need a pneumatic cylinder on a same day basis, then why not contact API Pneumatic UK for the swiftest and most affordable service available. For more information, and to discuss your requirements, please contact us today on +44 1782 206995 or email [email protected] and one of our technical experts will get in touch.