ISO Cylinders

API Pneumatic UK manufactures and distributes high-quality ISO pneumatic cylinders, conforming to both ISO 15552 and ISO 6432 standards. Part of our pneumatic cylinder range, all of our ISO cylinders are manufactured with unrivalled attention to detail, creating high-performance ISO air cylinders with modern, streamlined designs.

Our ISO pneumatic cylinders feature distinctive clean lines to facilitate easy and effective CIP/SIP wash-downs for hygienic applications. They also feature pneumatic and mechanical cushioning to prolong service life and life-long lubrication, designed for use with non-lubricated pneumatic fluid power systems.

All ISO cylinders within the API Pneumatic catalogue can be supplied to meet ATEX standards should this be a requirement for your industry. Our ISO pneumatic cylinders are manufactured to meet either ISO 15552 standards or ISO 6432 standards:

ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders

Here at API Pneumatic UK, our range of ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders rank among our most prominent products. Complying with ISO 15552 standards, these double-acting cylinders are designed for use with compressed filtered air (with or without lubrication) and are available in a variety of different bore lengths (32mm to 125mm). All of our ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders are available with standard seals that perform exceptionally within the temperature range of -20°C to +80°C. However, other options are available; API UK can design your ISO cylinder with low-temperature seals to extend the temperature range to between -40°C and +80°C. FKM seals can allow your ISO pneumatic cylinder to withstand more extreme temperatures within the range of -20°C and +150°C.

Key features of our ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders include:

  • Bore length of 32 to 125mm
  • Stroke length of 10 to 2500mm
  • Diverse temperature range for each version
  • Ports from ⅛” to ½”
  • Pressure 1 – 10 bar

ISO 15552 cylinders from API Pneumatic UK can be supplied with four different barrel types, depending on application requirements. The AMA and BMA type barrels are designed with grooves to allow the use of flush-mounted magnetic reed switches, while AMT and BMT type barrels are manufactured to include tie-rods. Both AMA/AMT type ISO 15552 cylinders feature a clean, modern design with attention to detail. Similarly, BMA/BMT possess the same qualities, however, a distinctive feature is their heavy-duty flat heads. This quality makes them better suited to applications with more demanding pneumatic fluid power requirements. As such, particular attention to detail has been given to the manufacture of end caps without external casting cavities. This key detail eliminates potential contamination traps.

Same day builds for ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders

One of the key services we offer here at API Pneumatic UK is our same-day build service on ISO cylinders. The primary model we use for this quick turnaround cylinder build service is the ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinder. If your business is need of an ISO air cylinder immediately but received a quote for a long build time elsewhere, our rapid same day build service is tailor-made for you.

Learn more about same day builds on ISO 15552 pneumatic cylinders

ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinders

API Pneumatic UK can also provide your business with ISO 6432 air cylinders. Designed for the treatment of compressed filtered air, our ISO 6432 compliant cylinders can be supplied as either single- or double-acting cylinders depending on application requirements. For additional customisation, this ISO cylinder type can also be manufactured as a magnetic or non-magnetic actuator. ISO 6432 pneumatic cylinders also feature perfect tightening, thanks to heads which are connected with the body via rolling. They also feature nitrile rubber cushioning which lessens any impact caused by the piston. The standard temperature range of ISO 6432 cylinders is -30°C to +80°C. However, FKM seals can extend the temperature range further to between -20°C and +150°C.

Key features of our ISO 6432 cylinders include:

  • Bore lengths of 8 to 25mm
  • Standard stroke length of 10 to 50mm
  • Max stroke length of 50mm
  • Thrust force at 6 bar = 20 to 250n

Much like their ISO 15552 counterparts, ISO 6432 cylinders can also be provided with different barrel types. For non-magnetic variants, the MD type barrel is applicable for ISO 6432 cylinders with bore lengths of 10 to 25mm. For magnetic variants, the MDM type barrel is suitable for ISO 6432 cylinders with bore lengths of 8 to 26mm. Finally, the MDMA type barrel is designed for magnetic ISO 6432 cylinders that feature cushioning (which is adjustable for this model) and bore lengths between 16 and 25mm.

Buy ISO pneumatic cylinders

All of our ISO pneumatic cylinders, with every bore and stroke length, are available to choose from below. For more information on our entire ISO air cylinder range, talk to the technical team at API Pneumatic UK today. Call us on 01782 206 995 or email [email protected].

  • AMAK Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • AMT Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • AMX Series Pneumatic Double Acting Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • ART ISO 15552 Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder Series
  • CRT Rack and Pinion Double Acting Rotary Cylinder Series
  • MD Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • MDM Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • MDMA Series Pneumatic Double Acting Cylinder
  • MDMX Series Pneumatic Double Acting Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • MDX Series Pneumatic Double Acting Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • MS Series Pneumatic Single Acting Cylinder
  • MSM Series Pneumatic Single Acting Cylinder