Compact Cylinders

API Pneumatic UK offers a broad selection of compact air cylinders suitable for a wide range of applications. Our small pneumatic cylinders feature a one-piece body design with integral grooves, enabling reed switches to be housed within the cylinder profile and eradicating the need for brackets. Our small pneumatic cylinders also feature Integrated guide shafts, which guarantee no direct loading on seals and therefore prolonging seal life, while also reducing the need for external guides. API compact air cylinders feature a low, flat profile, which is particularly useful for mounting in confined spaces. Multiple mount faces provide further mounting flexibility. High anti-torsion, rotation and side load features enable use in arduous applications. Various bearing options are available. Oil-less bearing options promise low maintenance and are suitable for heavy load applications. Spherical bearing options deliver high cycle times and are therefore suitable for speed applications. All API compact air cylinders are pre-lubricated and therefore suitable for non-lubricated systems.

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