How to select the perfect FRL unit with API Pneumatic UK

FRL units are the industry staple when it comes to effective air treatment equipment. As such, filter regulator lubricator units are often the most in-demand product in API Pneumatic’s air treatment range. In this article, API UK discusses how to select the perfect FRL unit to achieve the highest compressed air purity levels from your pneumatic system.

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What is an FRL unit?

An FRL unit compromises of a filter, a regulator and a lubricator. They are used primarily in compressed air applications to ensure the delivery of clean air at fixed pressures. Lubrication is also optional if operators wish to make certain that pneumatic components within the system are operating at full capacity and benefit from an increased lifecycle.

How FRL units work in pneumatic systems

Compressed air supplied to pneumatic systems can often be contaminated, over-pressurised or non-lubricated. This is where filter regulator lubricator units come in. FRL units are used to help prevent damage to downstream equipment by ensuring that any compressed air supplied to power machinery is contamination-free.

The three main components of FRL units have their key roles to play within pneumatic systems:

  • Firstly, the filter removes harmful contaminants from pneumatic systems, such as water and dirt particles. This helps begin the cycle of improving compressed air purity.
  • Secondly, the regulator adjusts and controls compressed air pressure to ensure downstream components don’t exceed maximum operating pressures.
  • Finally, the lubricator releases a controlled mist of oil into the compressed air supply to help reduce any friction within other equipment used in pneumatic systems.

Installing FRL units within a pneumatic system helps to provide processes with a much higher level of reliability, greatly reducing power wastage and increasing component lifespan.

Which are the best FRL units for treating compressed air?

While compressed air is one of the most readily available and easy-to-use power resources, without proper regulation it can be detrimental to the performance of your pneumatic system and, above all, result in expensive energy and maintenance costs. When selecting the best FRL unit for your pneumatic system, remember this handy rule of thumb: every 0.13 bar increase in operating pressure adds 1% to compression energy costs. By keeping this in mind, you’ll ensure you’re not overspending on the wrong type of FRL unit or one that might result in excessive pressure demands.

It is also recommended to inspect each component of an FRL unit to ensure each one is capable of the performance required from your chosen pneumatic system. For example, choosing the right size filter can be done by determining your application’s maximum pressure drop. While determining your ideal regulator can be done by examining the flow and pressure requirements of any downstream equipment your pneumatic system utilises. Similarly, the flow capabilities of downstream equipment should also be assessed when deciding the best lubricator for your FRL unit.

Fortunately, at API UK we specialise in building bespoke compressed air treatment equipment for an array of different processes. We can identify the best FRL unit for your pneumatic system without you needing to do any of the hard work, saving you valuable time and money!

Buy FRL units from API Pneumatic UK

We can provide businesses with either filter regulator lubricators or modular FRL units for compressed air filtration within compact pneumatic systems. For additional durability, both of our FRL products can also be manufactured in AISI 316L stainless steel on request. This option is particularly useful for the treatment of compressed air within pneumatic systems that require equipment with strong levels of corrosion and chemical resistance.

All compressed air treatment units from API UK can be supplied individually or as part of a bespoke package should your business require a specialist solution. Discuss your compressed air requirements with API Pneumatic today on 01782 206 995 or email us at [email protected] and let us help build the perfect FRL unit for your pneumatic system.