Find the best valve for your application

Manufactured from premium materials, API valves are reliable, durable and competitively priced. With API products, you can expect the best of everything, from pneumatic cylinders down to ISO control valves. With an extensive range of valves to choose from, API UK has the product for your application. Our comprehensive portfolio, as well as our expert advice, will ensure that you find everything you need, right here in one place.

Types of valves and their applications

There are a few essential options to consider before making your valve selection. Firstly, what type of media will your valve be handling? Compressed air, water, steam and non-aggressive fluids are just a selection of the media that our valves are designed to control. Each individual valve will control the flow characteristics of an allotted range of media, which means we can offer a tailored solution specifically for your application.

Next, you should ask yourself: would manual or mechanical functionality suit your system best? Manual and mechanical valves give you an array of operating options. For example, how you operate the valve can range from a wide lever to a top lever. There are also further options, such as push-pull, flush button, twist switch and foot operated.

Then you might want to consider whether your valve is going to be electrically or pneumatically operated. Do you require a uni-directional valve for single direction control of compressed air? Or maybe an ancillary valve that can close the supply and at the same time exhaust the downstream circuit air would be more suitable. Either way, API UK is certain to have the ideal solution.

The technical team at API UK can talk you through each type of valve and their applications, working with you to find the best possible solution.

API product range

The API valve range extends to:

ISO control valves

All manufactured to the ISO 5599/1 standard, we supply both electrically and pneumatically operated ISO control valves.

Solenoid valves

Directly operated, indirectly operated and bespoke NAMUR solenoid operated valves are just some of the different types of electrically operated solenoid valves available for purchase from API Pneumatic UK.

Pneumatic valves

A selection of pneumatically operated solenoid valves, including the A1 series of pneumatic spool valves and our ISO 5599/1 conforming pneumatic valves.

Manual and mechanical valves

From push buttons to top lever operation, API’s manual and mechanical valves have every option you could need.

Actuated ball valves

As pneumatic actuator ball valve suppliers, we have a range of full bore brass ball valves that work alongside an actuator. Single actuators can also be purchased separately and applied to ball valves to automate their operation.

Ancillary valves

This range includes valve types such as quick exhaust valves that increase the speed of the cylinder to safety valves that keep the pressure at a fixed level.

Specialist valves from API Pneumatic UK

We understand that a range of applications, such as in the oil and gas industry, are subject to potentially explosive environments. For these circumstances, ensuring you have valves that are manufactured specifically for this purpose is essential. We have plenty of ATEX options within our valve range for you to choose from.

Taking into consideration all of these possibilities, why not get in touch with the API Pneumatic UK team today? We can discuss your requirements and make suggestions based on your unique situation. Contact us today on 01782 206 995 or email