Why stainless steel might be better suited to your application

If you’re in the market for pneumatic instrumentation, you might find that stainless steel cylinders and valves are better suited to your application. This is especially true for food and beverage manufacturers that require the highest standards of hygiene and those that routinely deal with temperature extremes and corrosive media. 


In this article, API Pneumatic UK highlights the features and benefits of stainless steel pneumatic equipment and explains why investing in stainless steel products could be more cost-efficient than you think.



Stainless steel is low carbon steel comprised predominantly of iron and chromium. It’s the addition of chromium that gives stainless steel its unique characteristics. Chief among these is its remarkable corrosion resistance. Adding chromium to steel forms an invisible but incredibly tough chromium oxide film to the surface of the steel, which is self-repairing. 


This means that any physical or chemical damage to the steel’s surface is effectively self-healed as long as oxygen is present. If that wasn’t enough, the addition of other metal compounds (such as titanium and nickel) can further enhance those already mightily impressive corrosion-resistant properties.






Perhaps the biggest advantage of stainless steel is its aforementioned corrosion resistance. Even low grades of stainless steel offer a high amount of corrosion resistance in atmospheric conditions. Highly alloyed grades go one step better, delivering excellent corrosion resistance to most acid and alkaline solutions. 




Some grades of stainless steel with high chromium and nickel content can resist scaling and retain their strength even at extremely high temperatures. Other grades of stainless provide exceptional resistance to cryogenic temperatures. Few materials can offer such reliability across such a wide range of temperatures. 




Stainless steel is an incredibly strong material. It allows for comparably thinner and lighter products to be created that are every bit as strong as other types of steel and metals. If your application requires durable but lightweight pneumatic components, stainless steel provides the ideal solution. 




Not only does stainless steel resist the growth of bacteria, but it is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. Its low maintenance and ease of cleaning characteristics make stainless steel the go-to material for food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical applications. Especially those involving CIP and SIP cleaning regimes.




Whilst the initial outlay for stainless steel instrumentation might be slightly more than comparative other materials, its durability, corrosion resistance and low maintenance properties often make it a more cost-effective option in a lifecycle cost comparison.




As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to invest in stainless steel pneumatic equipment. Add in the fact that stainless steel is 100% recyclable and that over half of all new stainless steel comes from remelted stainless steel scrap and you can quickly see why stainless steel is not only a sensible choice for your bottom line and operational efficiency, but it’s also a sustainable choice for reducing your carbon footprint. 


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