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In this article, API Pneumatic UK discusses how pneumatic pressure regulators can be applied in compressed air systems to achieve optimal performance levels and guarantee stability for your process. Discover why certain pressure regulator types such as our range of filter regulator lubricators (FRLs) are in a class of their own when it comes to compressed air treatment.

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How do pneumatic pressure regulators work?

Pressure regulators in a pneumatic system work to ensure compressed air pressures are thoroughly regulated. Air filter regulators are able to control the output pressure repeatedly to ensure they are maintained at a level which is stable for any given system. Doing so will ensure that compressed air is not wasted. Regardless of whether the input pressure is, pressure regulators are vital for ensuring any down-line components are able to receive the required operating pressure to perform effectively.

How to select the best pneumatic pressure regulator

When considering which pressure regulator is best for your pneumatic system, the key to achieving long-term success is to ensure they are sized correctly to ensure optimal compressed air consumption. Air filter regulators should ideally be sized above the maximum pressure capabilities of a pneumatic system and the components used within it. However, do not oversize too excessively or else this will not be as cost-effective in the long run.

Operating inlet/outlet pressures, material compatibility and maximum flow requirements of pneumatic systems should also be taken into consideration when selecting the right pneumatic pressure regulator.

Improve your pneumatic system with a filter regulator lubricator from API UK

For pneumatic automation systems, a combined pressure regulator solution, such as a filter regulator lubricator, often yields the best results. With this in mind, filter regulator lubricators from API Pneumatic have been designed specifically with treating compressed air in mind. API UK can provide filter regulator lubricators as modular air filtration units or manufactured from AISI 316L stainless steel on request.

Our compact, space-saving modular filter regulator lubricator units are ideally suited to businesses that require effective air treatment in tight spaces. An all-in-one compact solution for compressed air treatment, lightweight modular FRL units from API UK present an effective solution for space-sensitive pneumatic systems which don’t compromise on performance despite their size.

Our stainless steel filter regulator lubricators are the perfect solution for achieving peak performance in applications featuring harsh operating conditions, such as in the chemical, offshore or oil and gas industries. Boasting high temperature and pressure ratings, as well as first-class flow rates, our modular FRL units can also be manufactured from stainless steel on request.

Pneumatic pressure regulators for sale at API UK

Part of our range of air treatment equipment, API Pneumatic UK can customise any of our pressure regulators to meet the requirements of your pneumatic system. With years of industry experience, we advise first-time API UK customers on which air filter regulator product will work best with their pneumatic system. Our technical advisers will work closely with your business to ensure compressed air is effectively consumed, performance levels are consistently maintained and, above all, money is well spent on a product you can count on.

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