Why your process needs a stainless steel mini ball valve

If you are looking for a compact ball valve for confined spaces that doesn’t compromise on performance, there are few better than mini ball valves. For additional quality, stainless steel miniature ball valves, such as those available from API UK’s stainless steel valve range, are second to none when it comes to offering more for less. Here, we provide the most compelling reasons why your process can benefit from using stainless steel miniature ball valves.

Cost-effective: Stainless steel mini ball valves are cheaper than other valve types

An economical alternative to standard ball valves, using a stainless steel miniature ball valve can lessen operational problems in compact, within hard-to-reach industrial applications or wherever space is an issue.

An actuator makes this possible by automating valves so that no human interaction with the valve package is necessary to cycle the valve. Valves can be completely remotely operated, and can act as a shutdown mechanism in an emergency situation that would otherwise be dangerous for personnel.

Size doesn’t matter: Stainless steel mini ball valves are not hindered by their size

While they do have a reputation as the “baby-bear” of the ball valve family, mini ball valves should still be taken seriously. Despite their quaint size, these miniature stainless steel on/off valves are nevertheless capable of providing reliable shut-off and directional control across a variety of industries.

Applications aplenty: Stainless steel ball valves can be used across multiple industries

Miniature ball valves can be used to treat various different media types. From liquids and compressed air to oil and gas, stainless steel miniature ball valves can be manufactured to provide reliable on/off operations within various applications.

Whether they are working tirelessly inside of isolation or pneumatic systems or providing reliable performance within general service applications, a mini ball valve can do the job as well as the rest.

Tried and tested durability: Stainless steel ball valves can stand up to any temperature!

Miniature stainless steel ball valves are the top choice in the industry because of their robustness. Not only are they able to withstand chemical and corrosion resistance, but stainless steel is able to stand up to temperatures of up to 926.7 degrees Celsius.

Miniature stainless steel valves can also stand up to constant pressure and vibration effectively, with pressure ratings of up to 10,000 psi.

Stop corrosion in its tracks: Stainless steel mini ball valves are more robust than other materials

A miniature stainless steel ball valve is a durable and reliable way to securely shut off flow, even after sitting idle for long periods of time. Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and, by preventing this erosion, the valve is able to open and close easily.

Zero spill fluid handling: Stainless steel mini ball valves are leak-proof

Stainless steel mini ball valves are perfect for fluid handling applications, such as in pharmaceuticals, oil or beverage production. This is due to their leak-proof design. Opening and closing stainless steel mini ball valves is a quick and easy process, requiring significantly less force than with other valves.

Stainless steel ball valves are available in many different sizes and shapes, to suit almost any application. This flexibility isn’t available with the gate valve. Which means that selecting the mini ball valve range ensures a lower number of valves is required. This, of course, reduces costs and maintenance requirements.

Compared to gate valves, stainless steel mini ball valves have smaller dimensions for space-saving applications and are lighter in weight for ease of use.

API UK can provide stainless steel ball valves as part of a bespoke package or individually and customised to meet the exact specifications of your process. To discuss your requirements, call API Pneumatic UK today on 01782 206 995, email [email protected] or complete our contact form.