What makes magnetic reed switches the perfect cylinder accessory?

Here at API Pneumatic UK, we stock and supply a wide variety of cylinder accessories designed for a multitude of different functions. We have found that one of the most popular pneumatic cylinder accessories on the market is magnetic reed switches. As such, we have decided to honour the humble with reed switch with its own investigatory blog article. API UK discovers what makes magnetic reed switches the perfect pneumatic cylinder accessory.

What is a reed switch?

A magnetic reed switch is a type of magnetic sensor which responds to the presence of a magnetic field. Magnetic reed sensors are arguably the most common type of sensor used within pneumatic cylinders and are a proven technology within the industry.

How do reed switches work?

Magnetic reed switches feature magnetic proximity sensors which are switched on when an aligned magnetic field is applied. Magnetic poles of an aligned magnet sit next to each other within an axial plane. As the magnet approaches the reed switch, a magnetic field which is parallel to the reed switch is generated. Reed switches are composed of a pair of ferromagnetic metal reeds which are enclosed in sealed glass tubes. Without the presence of a magnetic field, the metal reeds separate and the sensor switches itself off.

When used with pneumatic cylinders, magnetic reed switches are mounted on cylinder tubes to detect the presence of a magnetic field generated by the magnet set on the cylinder piston. This action attracts the metal reeds together, signalling the electric circuits to switch on the magnetic sensor.

Why choose ASV series magnetic reed switches from API UK

As part of our range of pneumatic cylinder accessories, API UK stocks and supplies a variety of compact magnetic reed switches from API Pneumatics ASV series. These cost-effective reed switches have low power consumption capabilities, require no standby power and can be operated with either AC or DC voltages.

One of the most popular magnetic reed switches from API UK’s ASV series is the ASV1C525 reed switch. These reed switches (normally open style) features 2 magnetic poles with flying lead flexible cable 2,5mt. With contact ratings of 10W, voltage drops of 3V max and temperature ratings ranging between -10c and +70c, customers can be assured a versatile and high-performance magnetic reed switch for their process.

Buy magnetic reed switches from API Pneumatic UK

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