How your company can benefit from bespoke pneumatic control panels

API UK are experts when it comes to the design and build of high-quality control panels, fit for purpose and completely cost-effective. Our bespoke control panel solutions have been the answer to the prayers of many engineering companies, and we at API UK took some time to talk through exactly what makes the pneumatic control panel design to unique and successful.

Bespoke control panel solutions

API UK boasts over 30 years of experience when it comes to pneumatic controls and design, so we know what we are talking about. Whatever the application or industry, we can guarantee that we will have a pneumatic control panel to suit your business.

We also go one step further by offering free on-site visits, in order to assess exactly which kind of pneumatic control panel that you may need. Whether you require a simple set of parts of a fully-fledged electro-pneumatic control panel, API UK will have the solution for you.

That’s not all – we have a turnaround of just five working days, which would mean that your pneumatic control panel would be up and running rapidly. Most other suppliers and manufacturers take around three weeks, making API’s turnaround highly competitive.

Pneumatic control panel design

Whether you are seeking pneumatic control panels, PLC control systems or electro-pneumatic control systems, the unique design of these components remains consistent from product to product.

Each component is created with stainless steel, a hugely popular metal within the engineering world due to its high resistance to corrosion and durability. They also contain foolproof back-up systems, alleviating the need to spend unnecessary money on maintenance and repair if something went wrong.

They also include vehicle-mounted cement dispensing systems, removing the risk of producing an inaccurate amount of cement during your application, forever. This is thanks to the five pods dispensing mechanism, meaning your company can have peace of mind and no wasted product.

Interestingly, API UK also prides ourselves on the fact that we supply competitor products alongside our own line – joining forces with the competition, rather than forging soured relationships within the industry. This would mean that even if the products you wanted to purchase were designed by different companies, you would only have to communicate with one supplier.

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