Why stainless steel rules the manufacturing world

Stainless steel equipment is always going to be an essential component for engineering companies. It is durable, hygienic and cost-effective, which is why API UK pride ourselves on creating and supplying high-quality stainless steel products. Here, API UK delves into exactly why stainless steel is ruling the manufacturing world, and what makes the products that we supply so unique.

Stainless steel equipment

At API UK, we are best known for supplying stainless steel cylinders and accessories, made from 316 steel. This particular kind of stainless steel is extremely durable, meaning that it can withstand very high temperatures – essential in industries such as the Food and Beverage industry as components need regular cleansing with high-velocity cleaners.

A special feature of the stainless steel cylinders is that they contain cushioning made from nitrile rubber, which would relieve the pressure from a piston. This would result in a longer-lasting product that requires less maintenance and less money is thrown away on it. This makes it a highly appealing component, gives API the edge as suppliers and stainless steel the edge over less hard-wearing products.

Advantages of stainless steel products

The kind of stainless steel used in products supplied by API is FDA compliant, which ensures total safety when being used in such industries as the Food and Beverage sector. Furthermore, despite stainless steel products being expensive to manufacture, the pay-off of clever spending is that these products will withstand more corrosion, extreme high temperatures and power cleaning systems than anything else on the market. Which would you rather: invest in a product you can trust or spend more money overall on constantly replacing products that aren’t durable enough for their application?

API UK is a giant in the stainless steel supplier sector, and the proof is in the happy clients that return again and again to replenish our stocks when the time is right. We also proudly supply every accessory your application could possibly need to go with your stainless steel cylinders, including mountings and screws made of the same high-quality material.

For more information on any of API’s stainless steel products, to view the range or to make a purchase for yourself (why wouldn’t you, after everything you have just read?) please call 01782 206 995 or email [email protected]