6 reasons to choose a tailored service from API Pneumatic UK

Tailored solutions, premium products, the highest standards of customer service, specialist advice and fair prices are all benefits you can expect from choosing API Pneumatic UK as your preferred supplier of pneumatic products.

API was built with you, the customer, in mind. From onsite visits and next day delivery to same day builds, we are constantly working to provide you with an effortless solution.

A specialist service

In some circumstances, the product selection process is as easy as reeling off a product number and having that same product delivered directly to you that very next day. However, at API, we understand that, in some circumstances, the process of finding the right product for your application is not always as seamless.

Not all problems are fixable with a single product, they require specialist knowledge to produce a unique solution. “Client satisfaction is paramount. At API, we will bring in all necessary requirements and use all of our knowledge to deal with a special request and solve your problem. If you need custom pneumatic cylinders, we will find a way to provide them for you,” says Tim Swift, Managing Director at API UK.

Onsite visits

Onsite visits are a vital element of our design process. It helps to see the problem firsthand in order to understand exactly how our API products can fit in. From this point, we can design an intricate and well-rounded solution for your application. Start this process today by requesting a quote, or chatting to an expert from the API team.

Industrial control panel design

After assessing your request with an onsite visit, we will work tirelessly to provide a one-off, bespoke industrial control panel design, manufactured precisely to your requirements. After the free onsite visit, we will present you with a fixed upfront price, so you know exactly what you are paying for, without any surprises further down the road.

Do you require precision control for cement distribution or an ATEX standard control panel? Not a problem. The API team is here to deliver the perfect solution.

Pneumatic stainless steel cylinder manufacturers

As one of the only pneumatic stainless steel cylinder manufacturers in the UK, we pride ourselves on providing a complete, corrosion resistant product, right down to the spool valves. We manufacture our products from 316 stainless steel to ensure they have the ability to withstand the intense pressures of hazardous industries.

We don’t limit ourselves to stainless steel pneumatic cylinders either. Within our stainless steel range, you will also find a range of cylinders, airline equipment, valves and fittings.

Custom pneumatic cylinders

Do you need a custom pneumatic cylinder as soon as possible? Have you been told by another company that an ISO 15552 cylinder with non-standard stroke lengths will take a long time to manufacture? At API, we are committed to delivering this very unique service.

We can manufacture standard and non-standard ISO 15552 cylinders in just 90 minutes.  We don’t charge a premium price for this service, we’re simply committed to providing the highest standard of customer service with all our same day builds.

A committed and experienced team

We are proud of those services that make us stand out from the crowd. All of which are only made possible thanks to our expert team. Every single member of the API UK team, whether new or long-standing is committed to upholding the API values.

We aim to get our products to you efficiently and at a fair price. This is achieved with experienced individuals, already established within the industry, bringing their knowledge and experience to the team. New talent is brought on board for in-house, hands-on training, to learn the “API way.”

For more information about the tailored services available from API Pneumatic UK, contact us today. Call 01782 206 995 or email sales@apiuk.co.uk to talk to one of our experts about our next day delivery, same day builds and other tailored solutions.