Custom designed cylinders from API

Imagine at the height of production, one of your cylinders fails and everything grinds to a halt. In this situation, you are probably beginning to calculate how much expensive downtime you will have to endure before you get everything up and running again. Your machine needs a cylinder with a non-standard stroke length which requires specialist pneumatic cylinder design – and fast. Sounds impossible, right? Not with API’s same day ISO 15552 custom pneumatic cylinder builds.

Custom pneumatic cylinder design in 1.5 hours

API’s custom ISO 15552 cylinders are available at any bore length between 32mm and 125mm. We are also able to provide pneumatic cylinder designs for any non-standard cylinder stroke length up to 1.5 metres! This rapid customisable cylinder design service ensures you aren’t waiting weeks for a cylinder to meet your demands. An API ISO 15552 cylinder can be ready and waiting after just an hour and a half.

At API, we value our customers above everything else and try to provide customer service to rival all others. That is why we have perfected our skills and focused on achieving the quickest turnaround for ISO 15552 cylinders as possible. If your cylinder fails, don’t panic. Our 90 minute, same day custom pneumatic cylinder builds have got you covered.

Specialist machinery for pneumatic cylinder design

We are confident in our skills and our ability to turn around the highest standard pneumatic cylinders in the shortest space of time. Combined with our in-depth technical knowledge and many years of manufacturing custom cylinder designs, we can assure you that we are ready for the challenge.

The API team is made up of technical experts who specialise in exceeding your expectations. We achieve this by manufacturing cylinders that match your precise requirements, using our state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, lathes and accurate aluminium saws.

Cost-effective custom pneumatic cylinders

Everything is falling into place and the team at API is ready to start their 90-minute turnaround of your custom ISO 1552 cylinder. Time to ask the all-important question. How much of a premium price do you have to pay?

At API, we don’t believe in charging a premium price. As we said earlier, our priority is the customer, and we don’t believe that premium service should have to come with a premium price tag. As our Managing Director, Tim Swift, states, “We won’t take advantage of the necessity of a quick turnaround, we just do what we say and get the job done.”

Contact API today

For same day, great value custom pneumatic cylinder designs, contact API today. We are here to help and provide the ultimate solution for your operation. Call 01782 206 995 or email to speak to one of our experts and discuss your requirements.