Why stainless steel cylinders are worth every penny

Why choose stainless steel pneumatic cylinders? If you would like to save time and money, then API Pneumatic cylinders are worth every penny. Manufactured from 316 stainless steel, all of API’s different types of stainless steel cylinders offer an innovative solution to the constant replacement of worn down, corroded cylinders.

Advantages of 316 stainless steel

Our stainless steel pneumatic cylinders are made specifically from 316 stainless steel, which is a highly corrosion resistant material. This is one of the main advantages of 316 stainless steel because it ensures the cylinder’s durability in an aggressive environment, such as the oil and gas industry. This high grade of 316 stainless steel is particularly resistant to industrial solvents. As well as our stainless steel pneumatic cylinders, we also offer 316 stainless steel valves and mountings. So, we can provide a complete corrosion resistant solution for your pneumatic cylinder.

As stainless steel cylinder manufacturers, we can guarantee that our product will be long-lasting, yet high performing for your application. Due to our stainless steel cylinders being manufactured from the highest grade 316 stainless steel and their high corrosion resistance, they are durable and reliable, even in the most extreme industries.

Another advantage of API 316 stainless steel cylinders is their FDA compliance. They conform to FDA 21 CFR 178, meaning that they are safe to use in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. Where hygiene is of the utmost importance, then stainless steel cylinders offer the ultimate solutions.

Why choose stainless steel pneumatic cylinders

API Pneumatic UK is one of the few UK manufacturers who supply stainless steel cylinders. This is due to the fact that stainless steel is expensive to manufacture. However, the cost of our API Pneumatic stainless steel cylinders is justified in their incredibly high performance.

We believe that stainless steel pneumatic cylinders can benefit a core of industry sectors. As such, we passionately believe that they are worth the cost and time to manufacture. If you compare the length of service of an aluminium cylinder to a stainless steel cylinder in highly corrosive applications, the stainless steel cylinder becomes the cost-effective, investment due to their extended life cycle.

advantages of 316 stainless steel

Buy stainless steel pneumatic cylinders from API Pneumatic

API Pneumatic offers a full range of different types of stainless steel cylinders. Talk to our team today to discuss your options. As well as a full range of cylinders, API also supplies ATEX standard versions for use in explosive environments and FKM seal options for high-temperature environments.

Our stainless steel cylinders are worth every penny because of the many advantages of 316 stainless steel cylinders. They are an investment that pay for themselves over and over again with their consistent reliability. Contact API Pneumatic today by calling 01782 206 995 or emailing one of our technical experts at [email protected].